Outsmart the pain

Outsmart the pain - here comes the REAL pain expert!

March 20, 2022

Meet Cattis Olsson, a mental coach who crushed her dreams of becoming an Olympic skier for Sweden. But she changed her mind toward action despite pain, and now she helps people getting their Olympic medals!

She tells us about Facebook groups dragging people with pain down, therefore creating her own, positive and uplifting group.

She tells us about how to go about changing your brain and mindset when pain seems to have stopped it all. Among lots of other intersting stuff.

A very interesting episode even if you don´t suffer from pain. AND there is a COMPETITION! Link this episode (or just say something about the podcast itself) 



on your social media and tell us where you did so to info@karstenahlbeck.com, and you can win Cattis´book in English: "The invisible pain - my faithful companion" (valid for 2 weeks after publishing).

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